Designer Profile

Born in Ehime prefecture (Southwest Japan) in 1975. Residence in Yokohama city. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, he worked as director and costume designer for the internationally successful performing arts group “Nibroll“ from 1997-2011. Alongside this, he presented his designs at the Tokyo Collection fashion show from 2001-2009, under the name “Nibroll about Street“. After the East Japan earthquake disaster of 2011, he reassessed his expressive activity up to that point and started in a new direction, founding the men's brand “Mitsushi Yanaihara”.Prized for professional category of TOKYO NEW DESIGNER FASHION GRAND PRIX.

He is also involved in planning and designing a range of projects both in Japan and overseas, taking the concept of 'mode' in various directions in his role as a director. Lecturer at the Kuwasawa Design School.


Company Profile

“Studio Nibroll Co., Ltd.” (from 2004〜) is a creative agency in Yokohama-Japan.It is the company of design consulting centering on a planing.It is basing in the edge with the skill, various artists, and the company which designer MITSUSHI YANAIHARA has cultivated. A focus is carried out to "MODE=present worth" of things, and work which carries out creation of the new values.It is helping towards realization of a project in various positions for every matter. Established in Tokyo,in2004. and moved to Yokohama City in 2007.